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Worth knowing about: Presentation Magazine

May 19, 2010

There are many interesting and useful sites on the ‘net as resources for presenters. So many in fact, that it can be hard to sort out which ones are worth the time and which aren’t. That’s one of my goals here, so here’s a site I think worth knowing about for both the content you can read and the downloads.

The site is Presentation Magazine and here’s an interesting article to get you started:

The PowerPoint Murderer strikes again

The site has a large number of Powerpoint templates and such that you may find useful as well. Some are well done and I’d recommend. Some just look like distractions to me–too much like the built-in ones that Microsoft provides.

Also on the site are some files with clipart and illustrations. Generally I’d avoid clipart but “never say never” is a good rule. Used carefully, it can work just fine in some situations. Just be careful you’re not throwing it on the slide as decoration–if it supports the point you’re making then it might be fine. If it doesn’t then it definitely doesn’t belong there.

Anyway, it’s a site that’s worth knowing about.

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